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About Us


The M.P. Beej Nigam is the pioneer in the State of Madhya Pradesh for the production and distribution of quality certified seeds of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, horticulture seeds and seeds of major crop.

The Madhya Pradesh Rajya Beej Evam Farm Vikas Nigam is an M. P. State Govt. undertaking. The M.P. Beej Nigam was established in November 1980 by enactment of Madhya Pradesh Act No. 18 of 1980 called the “Madhya Pradesh Rajya Beej Evam Farm Vikas Nigam Adhiniyam, 1980.” It is an ISO 9001 - 2015 certified organization which is in the process of production, marketing and distribution of high quality Certified and Foundation seeds in Madhya Pradesh. The main objectives of M. P. Beej Nigam are:


  • Quality seed production of major cereals, pulses, oil seeds and horticultural crops.
  • Supply of quality seeds at the doorstep of the farmer through Co-operative societies supplying it at the remotest villages of the State.
  • Marketing seeds of latest varieties available at the right place, at the right time and at reasonable price.

The Nigam give seed production programmes to the farmers and provide them with good quality Foundation seeds. The farmers multiply these seeds in their farms by following the prescribed norms. The Nigam buy back these seeds from farmers at a price which is usually higher than market price and process it, tag and pack it for further sale. The Nigam deals with more than 4500 farmers who are the actual producer of Certified Seed. The certification is provided by M. P. Seed Certification Agency.

The Nigam also has its own farms 42 in number having a total area of 2793 hectares out of which 2048 hectares is cultivable. Even in the farms a lot of infrastructure developmental work has been carried out in last three years. The Nigam farms are equipped with new irrigation facilities like sprinklers and other farm equipments of latest technology. The Nigam mostly uses its farm for multiplication of Breeder seed into foundation seeds.

The Nigam produces about 3 lakh quintals of Foundation & Certified seeds in two season i.e. Kharif & Rabi. The Nigam is targeting to double its total seed production to 6 lakh quintal per annum in the next two financial years i.e. 2015-16 & 2016-17.

The Beej Nigam has 54 processing centers located at different district across the State. Seed processing plants are equipped with new grading machines needed for successful cleaning & grading operations. The grading and cleaning is carried out in these PCs. The M.P. Seed certification agency issues tags on for the seeds which has met the standards of seed certification prescribed in the Indian Minimum Seeds Certification Standards. These tags are stitched on the gunny bags of Standard sizes in which seeds are packed. The standard sizes of packing are 30 kgs, 40 kgs, 100 kgs etc. The gunny bags are procured from private institutions, through tendering process. The lot number, variety stage etc details are printed on the bags & tags are stiched. The final tagged back seed is distributed to the farmers of M.P. at a rate which is decided by the State Government. Time to time subsidies are also provided to the farmers on specific crops. The seeds are distributed through many mediums like LAMPS, PACS, Co-operative societies, DMO, DDAs, Cash Sale etc. Similarly, seed storage is needed to store the seed during the period from receipt of seed at the plant till it is supplied to the dealer / farmer for sale. In the past three years Nigam has undertaken massive infrastructure development especially in storage facilities like building new godowns of latest designs (pre-fab), multipurpose sheds etc.