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Our Vision

Seed is the most critical and fundamental input for achieving sustained agricultural growth. The role of seed sector is not only to ensure the timely supply of adequate quantity of quality seeds to farmers but also to achieve varietal diversity to suit various agro climatic zones.

We ensure that good quality “Organic certified”, “GMD free”, “High Quality” seeds is delivered, so that it will act as a catalyst for realizing the potential of all other inputs in agriculture.

Shri Tarun Rathi, IAS

Investment like fertilizer, water, pesticides and other input will not pay the desired dividends without our quality seeds. An improved seed is a most dynamic instrument for increasing agriculture production and also economical input. Infact, genetically pure seed alone could increase crop production by 20 percent and provide resistance against several menaces.

Seed supply system in India is a complex mix of formal and informal components. Informal sector plays a predominant role in high-volume self-pollinated crops such as pulses, oilseeds, wheat and rice. The spread is mainly through farm-saved seed, i.e. seed saved directly on farm and obtained through local trading and exchange. Seeds need frequent replacement but seed replacement rates (SRRs) in several crops are very low in the country. To achieve all the above at Madhya Pradesh Rajya Beej Evam Farm VIkas Nigam, we ensure the:

  • Production of Quality seed of major cereals, pulses, oil seeds and vegetables crops.
  • Supply of quality seeds at the doorstep of the farmer through Co-operative societies supplying it at the remotest villages of the State.
  • Marketing of the latest varities of seeds and its availability at the right place, at the right time and at reasonable price.
  • Production of organic seeds for substainable agriculture.
  • Bussiness linkage for our grower farmers.
  • Production of hybrid seed to increase farm productivity and income.

Our vision is to provide seed of desired variety to the farmers at their door step through e-commerce facility at reasonable price, so that they can harvest the full potential of their land resource and become progressive in a short span of time.